E3 Day One: Reactions and Other Type Things


Pretty sweet statue from Capcom, right?

So today was day one on the show floor, and things were understandable nutty. Tons of folks trying to play tons of games and it was all awesome. Here are some of my highlights:

-Went right to Smash Bros at noon to see if I could find a open controller before my 12:30 appointment. I did, and it played two matches with Little Mac. Lost the first one, won the second in sudden death. Mac is friggin’ awesome, but that’s for another day

-I then ran to the Xbox booth for some hands-on with the new Dead Rising Super Long Name DLC. The guy describing the game appreciated that I knew who Shoma from Rival Schools was, then proceeded to tell me that the Felicia from Darkstalkers costume we saw in the trailer isn’t Katey’s…it’s Nick’s. Ick. That DLC is awesome though, and I’m getting it as soon as I get home.

-My 12:30 appointment was a 20-minute hands off demo with Bloodborne, freshly announced from the Sony conference. Really interesting stuff, which I’ll get more into soon.

-At 1PM I was off to EA, where I played NHL 15 and Battlefield Hardline. Battlefield is the same as you have been playing in the beta, but NHL…good Lord. The look, feel, additions…oh man it’s good stuff. Going to try to go back to EA tomorrow and Thursday for Sims 4, Dragon Age, and FIFA.

-My next appointment was Deep Silver at 3PM. I saw two hands-off demos, one for Dead Island 2 and one for Homefront: The Revolution. Dead Island 2 looks pretty interesting with a lot of new improvements. With Yager Entertainment of Spec Ops: The Line fame at the helm, I’m feeling pretty good. Homefront was equally interesting in setting (seeing Philly in that state is weird), but gameplay seemed ordinary. It’s still way early, so I’m confident.

-Finally I went to 2K, where I sat in on a 15-minute demo of Civilization: Beyond Earth and got some hands-on as Kraken in Evolve. Beyond Earth is Civ 5 in space, as it should be; those looking for Alpha Centuari 2 aren’t going to be happy. The dev speaking about the game even said to me “we haven’t even mentioned Alpha Centauri, everyone else has.” Interesting.
Evolve is SICK. Playing as that monster and watching him grow into bigger, badder forms is really cool. I played a mode called Hunt, where the four hunter were tasked with killing me while I had to evolve by feeding on native wildlife, so that I could be strong enough to kill the Hunters. It took a while, but those bastards didn’t know what hit them haha.

-Finally I attended the Smash Bros round table with Masahiro Sakurai. Being in the room for the initial Pac-Man reveal was quite awesome, as the reaction to it was fantastic. I recorded it, so if you see me I can let you hear it. A lot of interesting information came from it too, some of which is really deep, but I’ll be more familiar when I transcribe the interview later on.

So that was Day 1, a lot of craziness but a lot of fun. Day 2 has me going to visit Activision, Konami, and Disney Interactive (and more!) so keep an eye out for more updates and selfies!

To the floor!


One thought on “E3 Day One: Reactions and Other Type Things

  1. Mike Murphy says:

    So much I’m jealous of you for playing. I need to hear more from you on NHL and Evolve.

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