Quick Hits: MUDA!

I don’t have a major topic to cover with this post, but here’s a few cool odds and ends:

– Updated the Portfolio with my most recent stuff, including a review for GamerNode and a few more galleries for GamesRadar. Check ’em out, and look for the seven (four reviews, three features holy crap!) articles I have in the pipeline for GamerNode soon!

– If you’re in Wal-Mart’s game section in the near future and you see this guy:


…pick it up! The cover story, Madden 25, was written by some guy whose blog you’re currently reading. I’m published! In Wal-Mart, the biggest chain in the country! Holy sheeeeeeeit!

– Smooth McGroove can do no wrong. Evidence: his latest tune:

Such a good tune to begin with, but this is divine. It sounds repetitive, but halfway through he mixes it up, makes it even better.

– A good friend of mine, my main man Ralph, is also a YouTube musician. Under the name Rakohus, he remixes popular music and gives it a retro 8-bit sound. His latest, Lady Gaga’s “Applause,” is totally worth your time.

– Quick WWE note: I friggin’ love the totalitarian approach of Triple H right now. RAW’s ending last night was something we hadn’t seen since the Attitude Era, the boss doing his things while the rest of the locker room is powerless to stop it. Making them all watch, however, is a new twist that makes me think I’ll love Hunter as the new Vince.

– I’ve taken up an enlightening side project: using various Wikipedia pages and an Excel spreadsheet, I’ve decided to go back and list every game I’ve ever played, sorting the games by the year they released and listing if I’ve ever finished them or not. Early statistics show that I played a ton of fighting games and didn’t finish nearly as many games in my youth as I thought I did. Hopefully when I get to the PS1/N64 era I’ll see some more “yes” marks. Hopefully.

– Applied for my New York Comic Con press pass today, taking place October 10-13.  I missed it last year, and I always have a blast when I go, so hopefully the kind folks at NYCC will let me come back. Pleeeeeeeease?!

– Finally, here’s one of the best pieces of video game music of this generation, period.

Until next time, everyone!

One thought on “Quick Hits: MUDA!

  1. averagejosh says:

    Woo! Dat published writing.

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